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Mini Golf League Has Started

Heaps of fun for families, friends and businesses in the 2021 Maroochy River Mini Golf League. Held over 10 weeks with a break over Easter, before concluding with a 3 week finals series concluding on 20 May 2021 with the Grand Final and bragging rights. We also have prizes weekly for Hole in One’s, Best Team Score and $10.00 Blackboard 9 inch Pizza specials every Thursday Night. Here’s what Maroochy River Mini Golf League is all about:

  • The game is a 1 x 18 hole Stroke contest.
  • When?  Starting 11 February 2021, every Thursday night from 6.15pm – 7.30pm over a 10 week season, followed by a 3 week Finals series (excludes school holidays). Ends 20 May 2021.
  • Teams require 2 players minimum
  • Singles will be matched to a team
  • Social & Golf Members – no registration fee
  • Substitute players cannot play in the finals
  • $10.00 per player each week for the competition
  • All equipment supplied or use your own

Seasons 1 League has been finalised. Register your interest for next season (click the button below).

Click the image to download the flyer
Click the image to download the flyer

Semi Final UPDATE 13.5.21

Another beautiful sunset and no rain!

The Semi Final went ahead with Nothing But Cup v Greens. Levi from NBC got 4 hole in ones, and Grant got 1. Dan from the Greens had 2 hole in ones, and Jaiden had 1. Sinking it in one was easy for them tonight!

The final scores were NBC 37.5 putts and Greens 44 putts.

Roz and Dainzy took an automatic win as Tees forfeit. They still went out and had a game for fun and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset as a backdrop to their instant win.

GRAND FINAL 20 May 2021

Next week for the Grand Final we will have Nothing But Cup v Roz and Dainzy!!! Good luck boys. We will also have a play off for 3rd place between Greens v Tees.

All League players are invited to come along and cheer the teams on for the grand final. We will also be having an end of season party, so come join in the fun.

Putt & Pizza

Blackboard 9 inch Pizza Specials

Available from 4pm to 7.45pm every Thursday night.

Specials also available for other dinner guests (not just for the mini-golf players).

*Please note: other menu pizzas at normal prices


Looking for the next big Midweek Golf Competition. Why not get your family, friends or mates together for a cold drink and pizza whilst playing our Sunshine Coasts largest mini golf course in a 2-person team where pairs of players play against another team in a stroke play format. You can use your own putters and balls, or we can supply the mini golf putters & balls. It’s not all about your swing but a friendly weekly competition full of Banter.

SEASON FORMAT-Starts February 11th, 2021 to May 20th, 2021.

  • Each week = 1 x 18 Hole contest starts from 6.15 pm each Thursday night (registration 15 minutes before your tee time)
  • Each team consists of two (2) players from the Team of 2 who play against another team.
  • Teams with the best aggregate stroke play score will win 4 points for their side.
  • A season will consist of 10 x regular season games followed by a 3-week finals series. (13 weeks total) Minimum of 10 Teams Required for the Season
  • Mini Golf Rules on Entry Apply* Rained out Game-Zero Points All Teams.
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  • 1st place: $200 (team combined) Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card
  • 2nd place: $100 (team combined) Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card
  • 3rd place: $80 (team combined) Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card
  • 4th place: $70 (team combined) Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card
  • 5th place $60 (team combined) Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card
  • 6th place $50 (team combined) Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card
  • 7th place $40 (team combined) Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card
  • 8th place $30 (team combined) Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card

Nightly Secret Hole in 1 Prize: $10 Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card

Lowest Score Winning Team Each Week: $20 ($10/$10) Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card (Excludes Finals) If a draw occurs, it jackpots to the next week.

Hole in one prize

Each week staff will choose a random mystery hole as the hole in one hole. Once teams have completed staff will look at score cards. If a hole in one is scored by any player on the week’s hole in one hole –they go into a draw to win a $10.00 Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro Credit on their Card.

  • Winning Team for each contest will receive 4 ladder points. Maximum 4 Points available.
  • Squared contests will receive 2 ladder points to each of the participating teams
  • A losing team will receive 1 ladder point.
  • A team who has forfeited the contest will receive 0 ladder points.
  • Any team who enters a League after its commencement will automatically receive points equal to the last placed team on the ladder.

FINAL SERIES-Substitute Players Cannot Play.

  • Top 8 to make the finals. 3 Week Final series
  • The Format for the Finals series will be as follows:

WEEK 1 – Quarter Finals

  • Quarter Final 1:  1 v 8                     Quarter Final 2:  2 v 7
  • Quarter Final 3:  3 v 6                     Quarter Final 4:  4 v 5

WEEK 2 – Semi Finals

  • Semi Final 1:  Winner QF 1 v Winner QF 4
  • Semi Final 2: Winner QF 2 v Winner QF 3 

Week 3 – Grand Final Week

  • Third Place play-off: Loser SF1 V Loser SF2
  • Grand Final Match: Winner SF1 V Winner SF2

In the event of a draw in the final’s series – teams will continue to play hole by hole until in a sudden death format.




**$5 per player for team registration, must be paid prior to the commencement of the season along. A substitute player can be used a maximum of 2 times in a season to cover another player. Minimum of 10 Teams Required for the Season.

**The Player Registration is $5.00 Social Membership for the MRGC, as this is required if you are not already a member so that prizes can be allocated. This also entitles you to discount on food & beverages at Cane Cutters Bar & Bistro. Children under 18yrs will require an adult**registered as a social member in the team, for the prize allocation. There is no charge for Children Registrations.

Weekly Competition Fees:

A competition fee of $10 per player is to be paid prior to the commencement of each round.

Stroke Play Format* (Alternate Weeks Blue & Yellow Flags) Finals Blue Flags

  • Each player in a match plays the hole in any order, a player must hole a putt before the next player takes their turn.
  • Once all four players have finished the hole, scores are recorded and move onto the next hole, and continue until the 18 holes are completed.
  • Each team of 2 players then adds their scores up and divides it by 2, for the final score to win their respective match.
  • Rained out competitions-no points awarded to any teams.